My local music store had a “Solo like Slash” contest. Needless to say, I went all in!
Some N64 nostalgia, music from Zelda arranged for two guitars.
One of the greatest classical guitar pieces. A love letter for the architecture of Spain.
♪♫but heroes often fail…
♪♫It goes like this…
♪♫It’s easy…
A little Sir Paul for your enjoyment
Matt Martini: shaken not stirred
This one I’ve been playing for a long time. Why are the easiest sounding pieces are always the toughest to play?
This is a Chet Atkins arrangement. No wonder they called him Mr Guitar!
A timeless Spanish guitar piece written by Francisco Tarrega.
A Roberta Flack song that works so well on classical guitar!
A 20 minute performance featuring songs from The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Elvis, Elton John, The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, and Recuerdos de la Alhambra.
When trying to get kids into music, play something from their favourite movie.
Probably my favourite song from Disney Pixar’s Coco “well, everyone knows Juanita! Her eyes each a different colour…”
A 35 minute program of mostly Spanish and South American guitar pieces I recorded for the Atlantic Guitar Society’s 2021 Virtual Guitar Retreat.
Gerudo Valley from the soundtrack of this classic Nintendo 64 game has a real Gypsy Kings vibe!
An old classic from Mickey’s Christmas Carol
Because Christmas!
When playing orchestral music, it is strongly advised to throw everything you have at it!
A Strunz and Farah song called Bola.